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The mission of LIFE is to assist individuals with special needs to experience life to their fullest potential. LIFE explores new and exciting experiences for its students, giving them the ability to choose which classes they attend based on their interests and goals. LIFE offers an array of classes daily and students have the freedom to choose which classes they would like to enroll in each year. 


I am so overjoyed and pleased with the Life Development Center and truly grateful to Lisa and Noel for making this program happen! Our daughter Brittany loves going to the center everyday and although we understand Brittany's challenges with her social-isms and her difficulties to actual participate in groups and all the wonderful activities, I give each one of you and your wonderful team kudos for continuing to help her get a little closer to achieving these goals! As a Autism mom, I know how hard it can be, it's one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time! Each of you have the qualities it takes to help develop and continue to mold our adults to be all they can be, and accept who they are! I can feel and see that you all care so much for each one of these special adults who attend this program. Every one of you are so dedicated, patient, kind and the most loving special needs educators I have come to know! Thank you for making our daughter Brittany's quality of LIFE better but most of all for giving her so much happiness and love! Keep up the wonderful work and blessing to each of you!

Thank you for filling my heart with so much gratitude! 
"A grateful heart is never empty" <3   

Laurie Ross Cummings  

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