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Education - Academic Center
Fundamentals - Life skills: Cooking, Sewing, Folding, Clening, Money Skills, Shopping, Hygiene, Grooming
Inclusion- Community Outings, VoulnteeringOpportunities (Vocational)
Leisure, Music, Exercise, Drama, Dance, Arts & Crafts


L- Leisure – Exercise, Drama, Karate, Arts & Crafts


All leisure activities except Drama (E.T.C.) are included as a part of the curriculum at LIFE Center.

Drama is provided at the Center during program hours by The Exceptional Theater Company at a price TBD.

Exercise is done on a daily basis with choices of light aerobics done in class, Zumba, Yoga or Karate.

Arts & Crafts will be project based with students’ work being offered for sale at our bi-annual open house/fundraising event.

I- Inclusion – Community Outings, Volunteering Opportunities (Vocational)


LIFE Center offers it's students the opportunity to go out into the Community once a month. These trips will be a “fun” outing to the movies,

library, mall, museum, park or other interesting community location. Some trips will be a volunteering (work) opportunity at a local business.

Students will always be supervised by LIFE staff and never left alone.

F- Fundamentals – Life skills: Cooking, Sewing, Cleaning, Money Skills, Time Skills, Shopping, Hygiene, Grooming


In preparing students for life, LIFE Center focuses on making students more independent in taking care of themselves. Cooking class will cover how

to make simple meals or how to use the microwave to make a simple meal. Meals such as sandwiches, salads, fruit salads, heating microwave

meals, no-bake desserts, etc. Students will have the opportunity to sample their finished product. Sewing, Ironing, Folding: Students will learn

how to sew a button or repair a small tear in their clothing. They will learn to iron their clothes and fold them.


E- Education-Academic Classes


The Academic Classes will incorporate a state of the art classroom which would be Center based. Students will be taught in a group

setting or on an individual basis moving through the centers daily to ensure exposure to all desired academic areas. Students will use

computers to enhance their learning experience. Core academics would be taught; reading,writing, social studies and math. This

would progress on an individual or group level. Testing will be conducted on the student’s first day at the LIFE Center to

determine academic group placement or to determine if individual tutoring would be required. Academic groups consist

of four levels: Group 1, 2, 3 & 4 depending on skill level, Group 4 being the highest.     


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